Our Mission

“Bringing Alternative Experiences to the World’s Largest Sporting Events”

The Xperience Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created to ensure that all the most recognizable championship level sporting events in the nation offer alternative events that reinforce positive, healthy values.  By joining forces with like-minded organizations, corporations and individuals, The Xperience Outreach Foundation and The International Children’s Support Foundation will inspire countless participants to become individuals of strength, passion, honor and integrity.

Remaining grounded and understanding the responsibility that comes with success is also life changing for athletes that participate in our programs.  In a world that dictates that self-gratification should be life’s primary focus, Xperience tells us otherwise!  As athletes give back and engage with the community, they themselves are inspired and strengthened to live lives of meaning and purpose.  We all have a key role to play, on and off the court.

Xperience events will ensure that students receive challenging, uplifting, life changing messages from professional athletes.  The support from local foundations and leaders is truly vital and expands the number of lives touched by these unforgettable events.  Xperience leadership recognizes how crucial it is to reach youth.  By partnering with K-12 schools that are located in the cities hosting the championship level sporting events, Xperience is able to bring together students and athletes in a strategic and coordinated effort.  The message offered to students is presented in an engaging and relevant manner that will empower students to make healthier decisions. Professional athletes share their stories and shed light on issues that are important in and outside the world of sports.

The Xperience Outreach Foundation spearheaded a week full of outreach within the Dallas community during the 2010 NBA All-Star Week.  The events were the individual components of the larger “Xperience Dallas”.

The “Xperience Dallas” was the result of a partnership between the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation and International Children’s Support Foundation with the Dwight D. Howard Foundation, BET Foundation, Hip Hop 4 Life and Faithlogic Industries. Over 100,000 lives were touched during our School Community Outreaches, All-Star Bowling Event, Celebrity Basketball Game, Xperience LIVE Concert/Show and “Father Knows Best” Basketball Clinic & Panel Discussion.

The “Kentucky Derby Xperience” will take place April 26th – May 2nd. We will host 100 School Outreaches, a “Father Knows Best” Basketball Clinic and Celebrity Basketball Game at Ballard High School.

Outreach events include:

1) Activities that highlight the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

2) Encouraging students (K-12) to make healthy lifestyle choices

3) Celebrating the importance of responsible fatherhood and male mentoring

The Xperience Team has developed a strong plan and is committed to deliver well-executed outreaches at many of the world’s largest events, such as the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and MLB All-Star.