The Xperience Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to “bringing alternative experiences to the world’s largest sporting events.” Former NBA All-Star and current Assistant to the President of the New York Knicks, Allan Houston, teamed up with Richard Mahler Jr, founder of the International Children’s Support Foundation (ICF), to create this initiative.

Allan Houston

Allan Houston is a two-time NBA All-Star, and in his last healthy season (2002-03) finished as the 10th leading scorer in the league.  Of all his accomplishments, he is especially proud of being named one of The Sporting News’  “Good Guys in Sports” (four times) and helping Team USA bring home the gold medal in the 2000 Summer Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. Before his retirement in the Fall of 2005, Allan was touted as one of the “purest shooters” in the NBA, finishing his career as one of the NBA’s all-time greatest long-range shooters (#11 in three pointers made) and one of the all-time leading scorers in Knicks history (#2 in three pointers, #4 in total points, and #8 in scoring average).

As a man of faith and strong family values, Allan Houston lives his life with a determination to utilize his success as a professional athlete to help others while continuing to grow a variety of entrepreneurial interests.  Recently appointed as the Assistant to the President for Basketball Operations with the New York Knicks, Allan has been an international ambassador for the NBA, spokesperson for the National Fatherhood Initiative, ESPN analyst, and burgeoning book author. Allan continues to share his experience and life perspectives with an ever-growing audience.

Allan’s dedication to helping others is demonstrated through the exciting work of his Legacy Foundation, which is currently working with a variety of community and corporate partners to empower and serve the needs of young people.

Richard Mahler Jr

International Children’s Support Foundation (ICF) founder Richard Mahler’s intense compassion and motivation for helping children was ignited over twenty years ago when he began participating in community outreaches to secure the needs of at-risk city children, gang members and foster children. A foster child himself, Richard Mahler Jr was blessed with a new lease on life through the support of the loving people who adopted and raised him. Rich’s foster parents gave him hope, guidance, and an opportunity for a brighter future.

Recognizing the opportunity that was extended to him as a foster child, Richard Mahler made a life long pledge to improve the lives of children around the world who face a diversity of needs and challenges. Today as a successful entrepreneur, Rich Mahler Jr.  seeks to implement new business initiatives to help fund charitable programs and events worldwide. Carter’s Kids Residential Treatment Center, an orphanage dedicated to dramatically improving the lives of disadvantaged youth, is one such initiative resulting from a partnership between Richard Mahler Jr and NFL Athlete Tim Carter. Richard Mahler is excited to be apart and helping his son with The Xperience In any way he can.


Rich Mahler III

In 2006, Rich Mahler III and his father founded the International Children’s Support Foundation (ICF), a non-profit 501(c)(3), Public Fundraising Foundation and The Xperience Outreach. He soon adopted his father’s commitment to address the needs of orphans and high-risk children by partnering with former professional football player, Tim Carter and Carter’s Kids. Since the inception of these organizations, Rich’s outreach efforts have impacted over 1 million children and adults around the globe, providing them with resources and inspiration to develop themselves and their communities. While he was a student, Rich realized his life’s calling when he was once touched by an outreach program. That experience has inspired him to dedicate his life to building strong businesses that will create new opportunities for outreaches to touch people from all different walks of life.

Rich also understands the importance of mentorship, Discipleship and is committed to maintaining both mentor and mentee relationships in his life. Rich’s father has been his personal and business mentor and has helped him to learn at an early age that he was called to build businesses that would not only be successful, but would also be a blessing to others. Looking back, Richard Mahler  remembers the words of his father “We are building businesses with a purpose.”, and that purpose includes a successful business model that gives back to the community.

Rich focuses on getting results and his dynamic energy fuels everything that he commits himself to. Now serving as president of ICF and The Xperience, he utilizes his professional and motivational speaking to bring a fresh vision to both organizations. He also has a special talent for event planning and successfully blends philanthropy, education, coaching and pro athletics to create a unique experience. By planting seeds of hope, Xperience Outreach partners with the world’s largest events, producing an alternative outlet to the community, unlike any other.

Rich is currently developing a new project, Xperience World, an all purpose facility including a gym and a vocational center where youth and adults will have an opportunity to learn a specific trade that will equip them with the tools needed to succeed in a highly competitive job market. After training is completed, leadership programs have been put in place to guide these individuals on their career path.

Utilizing a winning combination of creative talents, communication and marketing skills, Richard Mahler  became the visionary and architect behind the launch of Tepidus Group, an organization created to offer its clients the highest and most intimate level of guidance, support and counsel. His strong leadership and passionate approach has ensured that the team is equipped to accomplish the mission and vision of Tepidus – “The warmth of a trusted friend and the strength of a group; we create synergy, design strategies, facilitate discovery to position individuals and organizations to accomplish their dreams”. Tepidus is comprised of different companies: HERO Employer Services, TSDAQ, Veritas, Zaera, Unitas, and RAM4 Global. These companies were created with integrity and a philanthropic mind set, successfully offering a one-stop service for various clients ranging from business owners to community members, pro athletes and entertainers.

As an athlete himself, Rich is especially passionate about TSDAQ and enjoys working with other athletes on many different levels. TSDAQ’s approach is unique, comprehensive and empowering, addressing various needs such as life after professional sports, the identification of long-term financial goals, strategic business planning and determining what legacy to leave behind.