Allan Houston Legacy Foundation

The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation (AHLF) is a public 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded by two-time NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist, Allan Houston.

Originally formed as a New York based charitable fund in 2001, the activities of the foundation have grown regionally and nationally with the mission to:

• Restore a strong family unit;

• Provide economic empowerment through entrepreneurship;

• Encourage education and life skill development; and

• Enhance spiritual growth.

The foundation’s programs include – the successful Father Knows Best Basketball Tour, which provides opportunities for father-sons and mentor-mentees to strengthen their relationships through high-powered basketball and dynamic learning sessions; and the Business education & Development Program, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive training, mentoring, business plan writing, and launch support.

Vision Statement

In playing basketball together and learning pro skills from Allan Houston and his father coach Wade Houston, fathers and sons obtain a new dimension to their relationships and share a memorable experience with interpersonal strategies to last a lifetime. Allan Houston’s Father Knows Best Basketball tour is a unique combination of high-powered basketball and learning activities for fathers-sons and mentors-mentees that emphasizes leadership, communication, and the importance of spending quality time together.

“The relationship between a father and son is so important; it’s no secret that our young men today need strong male figures, whether it’s a grandfather, step-dad, neighbor or mentor. We need our children to have solid foundations based on an empowered spiritual relationship and positive self-recognition.” – Allan Houston

The need for Father Knows Best has never been greater with more than one-third of all children in the united States living without their biological fathers. 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes and 75% of all adolescents in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes. Children who grow up without a father present are 75% more likely to need professional assistance for emotional problems, twice as likely to repeat a grade of school, and more likely to suffer a wide variety of other disorders including anxiety, peer conflict, and hyperactivity – contributing greatly to additional statistics of crime and homelessness. while “Father Knows Best” cannot solve these national problems, its expansion to cities across the country reinforces the importance of responsible parenting through a one-of-a-kind experience with practical skills that can be applied ongoing. in partnership with other partnered initiatives, including those of the national Fatherhood initiative, the national Mentoring Partnership and others, we can begin to stem the tide of absenteeism and empower these relationships socially, morally and spiritually towards a better tomorrow. this year we were proud to expand its reach to detroit and Atlanta through the creation of a three-city tour in partnership with NBA TV, and we hope to expand the tour to more cities next spring.

Empowering Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This innovative program has been developed to:

1) Identify and prepare active entrepreneurs in urban communities affected by the economic downturn, high unemployment, and ongoing gentrification;

2) Empower them with the education and resources needed to successfully launch new businesses in urban communities around the country; and

3) Support the actual launch of new businesses and incubate their growth.

The Allan Houston Business Education & Development Program and Small Business incubator represent a unique collaboration of celebrity, corporate and civic organizations towards the entrepreneurial and economic advancement of the community. Together with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and funding support from individuals and corporate partners, the program will continue to grow in New York and New Orleans while expanding to new cities in the months and years ahead. this comprehensive program combines high-caliber instruction with expert-assisted application in two stages:

Stage 1) Business Education & development (6 Months) – Participants undergo a three month intensive training period with twice-weekly instruction in NFTE’s advanced curriculum with the goal of skill development, knowledge gain, and the refining of specific business concepts. Led by a veteran NFTE Certified Entrepreneurial Teachers and co-facilitated by the Program Director, the instruction is highly dynamic with frequent guest speakers, field trips, affinity (small group) work, and other business/community asset exploratory activities to augment instruction. In the second three months, participants are paired with experienced and knowledgeable mentors who assist in developing their business plans through a series of in-depth clinics.

Stage 2) Small Business incubation (12 Months) – Businesses identified as “launch-ready” are selected to receive free office space, a team of advisors to help launch their business, $10,000-$20,000 in donor- advised start-up funds, and access to small business loans and grants for additional capital. during this stage, each business executes their implementation plan, work closely with the advisory team to overcome problem areas, generate positive cash flow, and write a first year Annual Report.

“One of the ways we hope to assist local communities is to support the re-establishment of an economic structure by helping the citizens start their own businesses. This program is designed to empower the community and provided them with tools to create that structure. To me, that’s powerful! – Allan Houston